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Strategic event management

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This is a short course, intensive academic program designed to teach working professionals new skills so they can become better employees. Event management is a growing field that involves the planning of large-scale events such as festivals, trade shows and product launches. Event managers combine creative skills such as promotion and brand management with more practical ones like budgeting and scheduling. This course teaches students how to plan all aspects of events that cater to large crowds and gives them an idea of what challenges to expect.


  • Obtain a sense of responsibility for the multi-disciplinary nature of conference and corporate function organisation.
  • Gain confidence and enjoyment from involvement in the dynamic industry of event management.
  • Achieve best practice in the development and delivery of successful conference and corporate gatherings.
  • Understand the key elements of a conference and the processes involved in format and venue selection, registration, catering, accommodation, transport, theming, security, and entertainment.
  • Understand management essentials such as developing budgets, critical paths, work breakdown structures, risk mitigation and contingency planning.




1 day

Mode of Study

Face-to-face or virtual