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The course focuses on three fundamental items:
– Coherence in communication (speaking and writing)
– Pronunciation
– Grammar
In the first class, a preliminary interview is done to assess the student’s knowledge and to know their objectives with the Spanish language. Thus, a study plan can be drawn up in which the student’s objectives are covered and deadlines and goals are established.The methodology includes several exercises to develop in class so that the student practices the knowledge imparted and evolves according to their objectives.
The level at which the student is, the objectives he wants to meet and the reason why he wants to learn Spanish are definitive to define a study plan.


  • Direct student contact and encouragement.
  • Exploration and understanding.
  • Experience of real-life situations.
  • Acquisition of different learning strategies.
  • Emphasis on oral practice.
  • Increased vocabulary and reading skills.




30 hrs

Mode of Study

Face-to-face or virtual