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Certificate in Project Monitoring & Evaluation

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(PMZ Ministry of Higher Education certificate)


CM&E is the ideal debut course for anyone seeking to start a formal career in project monitoring and evaluation and obtain accredited certification. Experience or previous University education is NOT a prerequisite. A minimum of 5 “O” levels with English Language is the basic requirement to apply for the course. Adult learners above 30 years without 5 “O” levels but with several years of proven project monitoring and evaluation experience and other qualifications may be considered as mature entrants if they apply to do the CM&E course. The course has a duration of a minimum of six months to one year. Examinations are available in June and November each year in HRE & BYO. The CM&E course is fully accredited and registered with the Zimbabwe Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education. CM&E course is available for both conventional and online.


  • Introduction to project management
  • Principles of project monitoring and evaluation
  • Qualitative evaluation techniques
  • Quantitative evaluation techniques



Minimum of 5 ‘0’ Levels including English and Maths


6 months

Mode of Study

Weekend Classes (Face-face).