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English as a second language

By January 27, 2022No Comments


This course is to help you gain fluency in English. It’s a course to improve one’s communication skills. This is more suitable for those who are weak in speaking English,

Those who are non-English speakers of the language

Those who lack basic grammar skills

Those who do not have a ready stock of words to come to one’s need for simple situations in everyday life where one must communicate in English

Those who need to speak in English in everyday life, but are not good at it


  • Gain the ability to speak in English for basic communication purposes
  • Speak in English for basic situations like booking a cab or talking over the phone
  • Become more confident while speaking in English
  • Have foundation concepts of grammar
  • Understand the difference between different types of Communication – written and oral, formal, and informal
  • Develop a vocabulary needed for making basic communication in English
  • Speak in correct intonation




30 hrs

Mode of Study

Face-to-face or virtual